Friday Night Plans

For this single mom, the importance of good Friday night plans is immeasurable. Oliver stays with his dad on Fridays and this is my one true night off.  Depending on the week, sometimes my plan entails a night on the couch with current binge television and a bag of popcorn. But my favorite kind of Friday includes getting my ass off the couch, putting a cute outfit on, and hitting one of Seattle’s great restaurants with friends. I cannot control when I am going to meet the dude of my dreams, but what I can do is connect with the people in my life that I truly enjoy! I am lucky to have lots of them, so I got that going for me.

Tomorrow night, I am very much looking forward to trying RockCreek ( with my friend Nelle (check out her fantastic food blog and her sister. I know I will be eating delish food, sipping on equally as delish cocktails, and having great conversation, probably about how awesome my blog is. And bonus, if I get a little tipsy, I get to sleep in on Saturday morning, drink coffee and happily eat my Eggs & Avocado Toast before hitting pilates.

People, do yourself a favor, get on OpenTable and make a reservation at a restaurant you’ve been dying to try. I know how easy it is to get sucked into to your own life (for me, that’s episodic television. Oh, and my son), but get out there and eat, drink, socialize!

NOTE – all RockCreek photos are courtesy of their lovely website.