Tuscan Lemon Chicken

If you live in Seattle, it appears summer has left the building. Before it is totally gone and with Labor Day weekend coming up, I wanted to share my favorite grilled chicken recipe of the summer. Backing up a little, I wasn’t always the master griller I am today. Four short months ago I had never operated a grill on my own and was completely intimidated. I thought this was a guy job. I don’t currently have one of those. I decided it was about time to change my status – my grilling status. For Mother’s Day, my parents got me a Weber grill and it has been the best gift ever! I grill everything now! Steaks, chicken, lots of hotdogs for Oliver, veggies, salmon. Obsessed.

My first grilling project was Ina’s Tuscan Lemon Chicken. It is so delicious. I’ve probably made it six times this summer and it is just really good. I have made this a few ways, a whole chicken flattened as is in the recipe or cut up into eight pieces. The latter is the easier method and much less mess.  Read More

Click. Dinner. Done.

You know how much I love to cook. I do. I really, really do. Except when I don’t. Which is usually a weeknight when I’m getting home from work at 5:30 and want to enjoy a little time with my guy without slaving away in the kitchen cooking and cleaning. There are so many options these days when you don’t want to cook, making dinner easier via prepared meal delivery, ingredient delivery, etc.

I tried Blue Apron a few weeks back, my friend Nelle gave me a coupon for a free week. Blue Apron is a really cool concept: fresh ingredients and recipes for 3 meals, delivered right to your door.  Read More