LBWP (Little Black Workout Pant)

You know what isn’t a super practical item in my closet? A little black dress. I guess my cocktail party circuit is a bit sparse these days. What I do wear just about every day, however, are black workout pants. For the past two years, my workout regime has been exclusively Pilates and Barre and I go 4-5 days a week. After the approximate 500 sessions I’ve been to in those two years, I feel that I have become an expert on workout pants. I’ve tried many, but I always come back to my favorite pair, the Lululemon Wunder Under Crop ($72).

There has been a hot debate on Lululemon pants since they got recalled earlier this year for being see-through (seriously, Lululemon got sued). My latest pairs are the new batch and I will have you know I checked myself out, bending over, in the mirror and couldn’t see anything that shouldn’t be seen. I read the reviews, there are 1,537 on their site, and they are mixed. But I love ’em. I wear my normal size, they keep me snugged and hugged, they are flattering, minimize the old muffin top, I’m happy. And most importantly, they don’t make me have “crotch sag”.

If you aren’t familiar, “crotch sag” is an epidemic affecting millions of workout pants each year. You know that feeling where you keep having to hike your pants up during a workout, so they’re like up to your real waist? Yeah, that’s crotch sag. It sucks. I never have crotch sag with my Wunder Unders.

I prefer 5 pairs of pants in my rotation so I just have to wash one load a week (and obv line dry). Right now it’s two pairs of Wunder Unders, two pairs of Athleta’s and a pair of Zella’s.

Athleta – these are my runner-up faves. I have one pair of the Revelation Tights and one of the Revelation Capris, both $79. They are more expensive than the WU’s and they just don’t fit me quite as well. I had to return the capris and get them in a smaller size as they gapped out in the waist and had major crotch sag, but the smaller size is better and I’m happy. There are also a few colors/prints to choose from. One huge Athleta plus, their return policy rules. You can return any pant, at any time, for a refund or exchange. Sweet sauce. (I think Lululemon needs to seriously consider updating their very strict return policy, especially with the debacle they’ve had this year)

Zella – This is Nordstrom’s in-house label and they really have some great stuff, especially on the Anniversary sale when it is 33% off. I have the Live In Legging ($52) and the Live In Capri Legging ($44) – those are pretty great prices for a totally decent product. The Live In Legging I mostly use as a legging and love, and they are a backup if I’m out of my other workout pants. The Live In Capri isn’t they most flattering length on me, and they’ve stretched out a bit, but for the price, I’d get another pair for sure. They also come in fun colors/prints.

When you’re working your ass off, it’s awesome to find stuff that makes you look and feel good. And just say NO to crotch sag!

Ode to BP

Before the days of Forever 21 or H&M, there was BP (formerly known as Brass Plum. I still call it that, kind of like my dad still call’s Macy’s “The Bon Marche”).

This department is an underrated gem at Nordstrom for women in their 30’s and up, since it is technically the Juniors section, but it has always been a staple to pepper pieces of cheap chic into my wardrobe. I am not the trendiest, by any means, so I feel a little better when I’m not investing a ton of money in something that likely won’t last me more than a season. If you want to take a little risk, do it here! If you’ve gone through the joy of gaining and losing pregnancy weight, BP can also help with the “too fat for normal clothes, but not fat enough for maternity clothes” stage. You can get a few new pairs of jeans for under $50 and feel like a million bucks. The denim in this section, ranges from $44 – $64, bootcut, skinny, high waist, rinses galore. Or how about some $28 faux leather leggings??


You can also find steals on fashion jewelry, track pants, accessories and jackets. And BP shoes is just as good, I think I buy a pair of Steve Madden boots every year on the Anniversary that end up being my favorite. This year it was the ‘Naples’ Bootie. There is clearly a bunch of stuff I would (could) never pull off, but there is enough to keep me coming back, time and again. The next time you’re in Nordstrom perusing TBD, Savvy or Individualist, make the trip up to BP and see what gems you can find.

I was literally just there on my lunch break yesterday with my friend Leslie, who bought the Roll Tab Woven Top in a lovely green color (it’s a darn good Joie knockoff). As we were walking out she said “there is so much cute stuff up here, I always forget to come up!” Enough said, Leslie, this post’s for you!

Note to friends – please tell me when it’s time to hang it up and switch to Point of View and NYDJ.

Entry Level Leather – Faux is the Way To Go

Sometimes I go through periods of obsessing over an item of clothing. Scouring websites, taking trips over to Bellevue Square on my lunch break to hunt for said item. Last year around this time, it was leather pants. I really wanted some leather pants. The only leather pants I found that I liked were way out of my price range. I loved the Vince cropped legging (which were $1150. Um, no) and the Alice and Olivia leather legging (they were $798, but I had JUST gotten my new job). I did the justification self-talk and threw down.  I put them on a few times and just couldn’t wear them. I felt silly.  I live in Seattle, where it rains all the time. As lovely as they were, I’m not rich and they just weren’t practical. At all. They went back and I got myself a nice (and much less expensive) pair of black coated denim Citizens. That seemed to do the trick and gave me my fix, but I made the mistake of putting them in the wash (and hanging to dry) and they just didn’t look the same. Shouldn’t you be able to wash jeans?!?!

I was at Nordstrom last Friday perusing the new Savvy, not looking for anything in particular, just killing time before my haircut, when I stumbled across these little beauties.  My dreams had been realized. They look JUST like leather, but they are faux and more importantly, under $100! BlankNYC Vegan Leather Skinny Pants (really? do they need to be called vegan?). I have a few pairs of BlankNYC denim from last year and like the way they fit, so I gave them a try and they were perfect. The (p)leather pants I had always wanted!

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I wore them out that night and didn’t feel silly in the slightest! Somehow knowing they weren’t real made me feel better. Now I just need to learn to keep it to myself when I get a compliment before telling everyone they’re fake.

There is so much good faux leather out there right now. Pants, skirts, tops, jackets. Now you don’t have to make a crazy investment to enjoy the leather trend. Fake it til you make it!

Wellie Weather

It seems that I am always unprepared for some sort of weather Seattle has to offer. Last year, SorrelI didn’t have any snow boots until I got these bad boys on for $99. Lucky day for you, they are on sale right now at Gilt!!

Lots of styles/colors to choose from at

This past Saturday, I was invited to the UW Husky football game, tailgate and all, with some of the worst rain we’ve had so far this year. Like, sideways rain that hits you hard in the face even if your seats are undercover. Delightful. As I was evaluating my outfit possibilities and leaning towards function, I realized a huge hole in my wardrobe – no rain boots. I mean, is that just ridiculous that I’ve lived in Seattle my entire life and don’t have a good pair of rain boots? I agree completely and it’s time to remedy the situation. For the record, I wore the Sorels and they kept my feet nice and dry, they were just really hot!

When you think ladies rain boots, you think Hunter (seriously, like half of the girls at the Husky game were wearing various versions). I just don’t think I want to drop $140 on a pair, although they do come in so many cute color combos  (

I found a few other pairs that look pretty good, like this pair of Sperry Top Siders at Nordstrom for only $79.95. Or these Kamik’s at Zappos for only $65 (and they come in lots of fun colors too! although I know I will end up with grey or black).  Part of your bonus when I do the research is that they are both highly reviewed (I won’t waste your time).


Now I just need to choose which pair I’m going to buy before another monsoon hits!

UPDATE – after I posted, my friend Ravit told me that she found the Kamiks on Amazon for $49! Pretty sweet, getting them in grey right this very moment. Thanks Ravit!!