Zucchini Fritters – aka how to get your kid to eat zucchini

Tomorrow is the last day of August and¬†although I am totally¬†ready for fall,¬†I’m also hanging on to the last of the amazing summer fruits and veggies. Heirloom tomatoes, peaches, cucumbers and I think I eat an average of 2.4 watermelons per week. Zucchini is another summer fave and I’ve been loving to simply grill (cut in rounds, toss with olive oil, salt and pepper and grill over medium 4 minutes each side) or saut√© (same prep as¬†grilling, add some red pepper flakes, minced garlic, finish with some fresh lemon juice).

I had a few zucchini on hand and decided to tackle this Smitten Kitchen gem for lunch today with Oliver as my sous chef. The fritters looked so easy and delicious and my favorite part (other than the crispy edges) was a cooking project with my best guy. Oliver loves to help me in the kitchen and especially dug shredding the zucchini in the Cuisinart. Oh and of course he prefaced by saying would not eat zucchini. Read More

Lasagna worth blogging about

Yo. Long time, no talk. I did everything I could to find the recipe online and share via FB, but it wasn’t out there anywhere. So here I am. I actually typed it out for you lucky ducks.¬†You’re welcome. I served this lasagna for a little¬†dinner party¬†on Sunday night and I’m eating my second piece for lunch right this second. There is no ricotta or mozzarella in this version, just Parmesan and cr√®me fraiche. It is truly delicious, and pretty to boot. What keeps going through my head is “Happiness is: a big fucking piece of lasagna. Or two.”

This little slice of casserole heaven comes from Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. I made it back in 2010 when I first bought the cookbook, but haven’t done it since. Well, note to self, don’t be an idiot and wait five more years. It’s that good. I made a couple of very slight tweaks, nothing crazy. He calls for lasagna noodles that require boiling. I see no need for that. The no-boil noodles work great and boiling lasagna noodles is frankly a pain in the ass. Read More

Perfect Pozole

Seattle winter is officially here. Our first snow was last weekend and the temp has been chilly. Perfect¬†weather to make up a batch of¬†this goodness, inspired by Mexican pozole.¬†This is one of my all time faves and has been in my¬†recipe rotation for years. For how quick and easy it is to make, you are getting a super flavorful, healthy and filling¬†meal, with adjustable heat, depending on¬†how¬†many jalape√Īo seeds¬†you use.¬†Delish winter comfort food and a nice break from traditional chili. Read More