What up. I’m sitting in my kitchen while Oliver is upstairs napping about to get my Sunday dinner together. Today, I am in need of a red meat fix and have never attempted to do a roast myself, so I decided it’s time to give it a try. I found Emeril’s recipe for Sunday Night Roast Beef and Gravy with Easy Rice on the Food Network and thought it sounded perfect. Post coming tomorrow.

I know I have totally been slacking on posting. I thought after I was done with my move I’d be more focused and ready to write. But I’m not. And I want to be. Getting used to living in a new space and making it your home takes a bunch of energy and even though the house is amazing and I am so happy, it’s just starting to feel like home and after 3 weeks.

Thanks for cutting me some slack on my slacking. I’ve been thinking about lots of things I want to share with you, just need to get my shit together and do it!

Here’s a little list of what’s on my mind:

  1. Linday Lohan’s show on OWN – I mean, she is a self destructive, delusional train wreck. I can’t not watch.
  2. Game of Thrones – I know, I’m like 3 years late to the party.
  3. Stella & Dot – Again, nothing new here, but my friend Renee came for a visit on Friday and she lent me a bunch of her samples. Obsessed.
  4. MIHS Class of 94 – 20 Year Reunion – I took over planning it. Could not be more excited.
  5. House Pics – I need to show off my digs…I am so proud of how it turned out! My friend Jenny is an amazing photographer and we are planning a house shoot
  6. RHONY – One word. Aviva.
  7. Daytime Dresses – I just ordered 7 from Piperlime. I hope I find 2 that work.
  8. FRAME Denim – love this perfect denim specimen

Now that I’ve told you, I have to follow through and write.


Spring Fixes – Printed Denim & Peep-Toe Booties

Yesterday was one of those unexpected 70 degree Seattle days. In April, no less. It was just lovely. I’m so ready to transition away from boots and sweaters and I appreciate that the weather is cooperating. Don’t think for one second that my house focus has taken my attention away from a few new essentials for spring. I found a few pieces recently that are helping my wardrobe make the transition. Duh, printed denim and shoes.

The peep-toe bootie is just about everywhere right now and I found 2 pairs that I am loving.

Louise et Cie ‘Olivia 2’ at Nordstrom ($138.95) – I love the cutout detailing. They look great with jeans and I will definitely be wearing them with dresses when the weather gets a little warmer.

Louise et Cie 'Olivia 2'

I am also obsessed with the Vince ‘Addie’ ($395) which I purchased at Singer22, no shipping, no tax, 20% coupon, so I got them for $320, thank you very much. Love the chunky wood heel, love the taupe leather.

Vince 'Addie'

I am a total sucker for colored/printed denim and when I saw the IRO.jeans Graffiti Letter Skinny ($149) at Intermix, I thought they were so fun and different than anything in my closet.  There’s a little bit of color in them too, I totally dig the print.

iro.jeans graffiti letter skinny  iro.jeans close up

Next on my list is some good white denim, I haven’t figured out what. Other than that, I am feeling pretty good about my closet (for the moment) and love how a few new pieces make such a difference!

Spring Coat Obsession

Vince Scuba Leather JacketI love coats. Whenever we approach a new season, I start obsessing about what kind of coat(s) I need. Seriously, I kind of get tunnel vision until I find what I’m looking for. Last fall, I couldn’t stop thinking about the Vince Scuba Leather Jacket in Charcoal. I mean, please, how gorgeous is this?! But at $995, it just wasn’t in the old budget. I ended up convincing myself that a leather jacket that expensive and lightweight just didn’t make sense for a Seattle fall/winter. Sigh.

Fast forward to now. Spring is here, we gained an hour of daylight, cherry blossoms are in bloom. Time for some new, spring outerwear. I have a khaki trench from Banana Republic that I love – kind of like this one, but khaki. I’ll be honest, I don’t really shop at BR, but my trench is perfect, and I’m sure I got it for 40% off, so that box is checked. I am left with a void, specifically a lightweight, black jacket. I started searching on my usual sites: ShopBop, Revolve, Nordstrom, Madewell, Jcrew and I found this little beauty – the Mackage Darby Neo Trench ($498) on Revolve. I love the hood. I love the leather detailing. Just. Plain. Love.

Mackage Darby Neo Trench1  Mackage Darby Neo Trench2  Mackage Darby Neo Trench3

Fear not, dear readers, you know I’m no dummy when it comes to paying full price. I found a Revolve coupon on Retail Me Not for 20% off when you download the iPhone app. I don’t even have an iPhone, suckers! Uh, maybe shouldn’t be bragging about this as it means I have a Windows Phone. Yep, I’m the one. But, I used my darling co-worker Chauncy’s iPhone and saved myself $100. Thanks lady!

Coat obsession has been quelled…until next season that is.


Time To Move On…

It’s time to move on, time to get going
What lies ahead, I have no way of  knowing
But under my feet, baby, grass is growing
It’s time to move on,  it’s time to get going

Totally cheesy, I am well aware, but these Tom Petty lyrics keep playing in my head…

Purge, purge, purge. To date, I have made $2200 from all of the stuff I’ve sold on Craigslist and SwopBoard. If you know where I live, please don’t rob me. I really, really want to sell my dining room set so I can buy these Room & Board chairs, they would look so perfect in my new house! As much as I love the cash, it’s not just about the selling, it’s about the donating and getting rid of stuff I don’t use anymore. It feels so good!  Old toys, clothes, shoes, etc. – get that shit outta my house! Moving has been the best motivator to pare down.

Out with the old, in with the new. As I just sold my old Bose home audio system, I was allowed to buy a new speaker. I chose the Sony HT-CT660 Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer ($300). I like it! It’s a different deal than the little speakers I had before, the sound is good, but I’m an audio layperson, so I’m not too particular. I also bought a new remote, which was just as expensive as the speaker, the Logitech 915-000201 Harmony Ultimate Remote with Customizable Touch Screen and Closed Cabinet RF Control ($349). This guy will replace the need for the 4 remotes I am currently using (Xbox, TV, cable, speaker) and I will be able to hide all of the boxes in my new built-in cabinets, yay! I bought it on Best Buy and it came with 1 hour of Geek Squad time, so they will do the programming for me. It is very, very sad that this may be the most exciting news of my day.

Sony Soundbar Logitech Remote

I move in less than a month. Movers have been secured, Comcast is being transferred (that is the #1 item on the list of things that need to be ready the day I move in, duh), new furniture is being delivered, this is all coming together spectacularly.

Here’s a little sneak peek. (Please note, these pics were taken by my mom, hence the odd angles)

V__F712 V__DFC4 V__FC84