My Steamy Little Secret

I get so excited when I come up with a clever little title like that for a post. Because like I’d really share my steamy secrets on the blog, duh! My parents read it! What I will share with you lucky readers is one of my favorite new products that happens to cost under $20. I present to you the My Little Steamer Go Mini Hand Steamer, available at Bed Bath & Beyond for $19.99 (this is the best price, other stores have it, but it is more expensive by at least $10). This guy is awesome. As we all know, I like Joie clothing. Those silky tops are always getting creases and wrinkles, but they’re not dirty, and I have to dry clean just so they look presentable again…until now! (I am aware that I may be sounding like an infomercial, but I’m being serious)

You add tap water, plug it in, and 2 minutes later, you are steaming your way to a wrinkle-free top. I love it! And the small size makes it a solid travel companion. It’s not meant to replace your iron, sorry, but for those dry clean only tops that get creased, it’s a dream.

I don’t understand why you wouldn’t buy this. Do you want to look like a ragamuffin? I didn’t think so.

Sometimes I don’t really think it’s fair that I just give, give, give, but here you go. Again. Happy Monday!

The Best Kind of Anniversary

Duuuuuh. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, of course! For lots of people, myself included, this is the shopping event of the year. I mean, what’s not to like. They bring in new fall merchandise and take 33% off. If you don’t like to save money, by all means, skip it. For me, it’s the perfect time to refresh my basics like bras and undies, but also a great time to throw down for a pair of Frye booties or my favorite Paige denim. Nordstrom changed the sale a few years ago so that there is now a weeklong presale, open to Nordstrom card holders only. Then begins the sale for the common folk. If you don’t get there early enough, the selection is definitely not the same. Seriously, if you don’t have a Nordstrom card, get one, this sale makes it worth it.

I took a half day on July 10 and hit Bellevue Square with my friend Leslie. This is serious business for me. A lot of ground to cover in 4 hours. I am still editing things down, I did some massive damage. It’s not easy, I tell you. #onepercentproblems. If you haven’t shopped it yet, what the funk are you waiting for? Prices go up August 4th! Sharing a few of my faves below:

Jackets – I am a total whore for good outerwear, as you’ve seen in the Spring Coat Obsession post. I picked up 2 little beauties on this sale, and 1 is a direct knockoff of the Vince Scuba Jacket ($995 – never gonna happen) I included in the other post. I am thrilled with my new Trouve leather moto jacket, and for $199. Um, yeah, sold. (FYI – Trouve is a Nordstrom in-house brand, this is where you can get the best deals.) The other jacket was a Rag & Bone Canvas Military Jacket, love it. I’d show you a pic, but it’s already sold out. See, I told you…

Sweaters – I cleaned up on sweaters this year. Lately, the strangest thing has been happening at Nordstrom. Point of View is calling my name. Is it because I’m turning 40 in 2 years? Not sure, but I can’t walk by that department without seeing something I really like (I try to balance it out by my refusal to let go of BP). Another in-house brand is Halogen and I was blown away by the sub $100 pricing on tons of gorgeous cashmere, tons of colors and styles. I picked up the High/Low Cashmere V-Neck Tunic in navy ($98.90) and 2 of the Solid Cashmere Sweater ($84.90) in grey and camel heather.

Shoes – The sale is about boots, boots, more boots, and booties. Tons of fantastic tall boots if you need a pair, but I am still way into booties. I cannot wait to wear my new Frye Patty Leather Riding Bootie in redwood ($218) with some skinny jeans and one of my new Halogen sweaters. I. Love. Fall.

Those are my highlights. I also got a few more things…

And oh yeah, I also got some great fall stuff for Oliver. He cleaned up too.

If you haven’t shopped it yet, get on it! If you can’t get into a store, shop it up online. If you don’t, that’s cool, you’re just crazy. Literally.

PS – Brilliant marketing.

My Perfect Summer Outfit

I have completed my perfect summer outfit. I tried it on today and am ridiculously excited to wear it. Now I just need the right occasion and cooperation of the Seattle weather.

I love shorts. I found these little darlings, the Hibiscus Floral Short ($69.50) at Jcrew last week, they were doing 30% off shorts, no brainer. I mean, how fun is that pattern?! Side note – Jcrew has my fave shorts around, the 4″ Chinos ($45, all still 30% off), tons of colors, I have white and a bright cobalt blue from last summer.  Back to the cute new floral guys, I wanted to pair with a navy top and saw that one of the best tops around, the Joie Alicia tank, came in navy ($128 – plus a 25% off coupon at Piperlime). Sold. Complete the outfit with my new Stuart Weitzman X-Ray wedges ($430 on sale for $250 at Neiman Marcus).


Hibiscus Floral Short


Joie Alicia Tank


Stuart Weitzman X-Ray


Ahhhh. I love when an outfit comes together like this. Brings a tear to my eye. Not really, but I’m going to look real cute one day soon, extra 5lbs and all.

I Want To Tell You About This Little Boutique I Found…

It’s called the Gap. I know, you don’t shop at the Gap, except for your kids. But there is some great stuff to be found at even greater prices. If you ever shop there without a coupon, please, keep it to yourself, it’s just embarrassing. My preference is to shop online with a 40% off coupon, but I’ll settle for 25%. There is literally always a coupon on their site, today is 35%.

I have had my eye on a few pairs of their Thin Flip Flops ($24.95), which are a total knock off of TKEES. I love TKEES, but they are but are double the price. I decided that even $24.95 was too steep and being the patient coupon savvy shopper I am, I waited for my 40% coupon. The 40% off came a few times, but there were restrictions and I wasn’t able to use the discount on shoes. Some might give up, but I waited some more (like 2 days) and finally, it came. I got my flip flops for $14.97, bitches.

The price was so right, I just had to add a few more things to my basket. I found this cute eyelet top ($54.95/$32.97) and these espadrille wedges ($69.95/$41.97). If there’s one thing I don’t have enough of, it’s espadrille wedges.

Gap Eyelet Top Gap Espadrille Wedges

All of that for just $114. Love it. Now I get to look forward to my little present in the mail! If my new things don’t work out, I just take them back to the store. This is how online shopping with coupons is done. Aaaaaand scene.

Happy Friday!