Click. Dinner. Done.

You know how much I love to cook. I do. I really, really do. Except when I don’t. Which is usually a weeknight when I’m getting home from work at 5:30 and want to enjoy a little time with my guy without slaving away in the kitchen cooking and cleaning. There are so many options these days when you don’t want to cook, making dinner easier via prepared meal delivery, ingredient delivery, etc.

I tried Blue Apron a few weeks back, my friend Nelle gave me a coupon for a free week. Blue Apron is a really cool concept: fresh ingredients and recipes for 3 meals, delivered right to your door.  Read More

Fall TV Schedule 2014

Well hey there. Miss me? Here we are in September and about to enter into my very favorite season. I love Fall. Boots, sweaters, jeans, crisp weather. And I’m getting back together with my boyfriend, aka TV. We’ve obviously still been hanging out this summer with Bachelor in Paradise, Ray Donovan, the Leftovers, True Blood series finale, and RHOC/NY/NJ, but I’m ready to get a little more serious. Some people are into Fantasy Football drafts. Me? I’m into the Fall TV grid. I like to do my research, figure out what shows I need to queue up as the seasons change, and get my DVR back in fighting shape. And you get to reap the rewards of my hard work and continue being lazy, as per usual.

This grid from Entertainment Weekly is solid for all of your network needs. Check it out, new shows are highlighted in yellow, premier dates for all shows as well. But that’s not enough. Which shows do I need to be watching? I mosied on over to TV guide to see what their editors pick:

One super cool note, A to Z is produced by my cousin Lesley’s husband, Jeff Grosvenor and his company Le Train Train Productions . He showed us the pilot at a family dinner, it is so so good! Funny, fantastic cast, adorable!! You have to check it out. So proud of Jeff!! I mean, he has his own IMDB page and his boss is Rashida Jones, pretty awesome.

A to Z





Black-ish The Flash Gotham How to Get Away with Murder Jane the VIrgin Madam Secretary Red Band Society

What this does not include is all of the cable and premium channel goodness. Here is a list of every show you could ever want to watch with its premier date, including cable. OK, that’s all I have to give. What else do you need me to do? Should I come over to your house and program your DVR?

Go forth and watch!