My Steamy Little Secret

I get so excited when I come up with a clever little title like that for a post. Because like I’d really share my steamy secrets on the blog, duh! My parents read it! What I will share with you lucky readers is one of my favorite new products that happens to cost under $20. I present to you the My Little Steamer Go Mini Hand Steamer, available at Bed Bath & Beyond for $19.99 (this is the best price, other stores have it, but it is more expensive by at least $10). This guy is awesome. As we all know, I like Joie clothing. Those silky tops are always getting creases and wrinkles, but they’re not dirty, and I have to dry clean just so they look presentable again…until now! (I am aware that I may be sounding like an infomercial, but I’m being serious)

You add tap water, plug it in, and 2 minutes later, you are steaming your way to a wrinkle-free top. I love it! And the small size makes it a solid travel companion. It’s not meant to replace your iron, sorry, but for those dry clean only tops that get creased, it’s a dream.

I don’t understand why you wouldn’t buy this. Do you want to look like a ragamuffin? I didn’t think so.

Sometimes I don’t really think it’s fair that I just give, give, give, but here you go. Again. Happy Monday!

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