The Best Kind of Weekend

I just had one of those. For the 2nd year in a row, Oliver and I were lucky enough to be invited up to our friends’ cabin on Hood Canal for the 4th. The trip consisted of 12 kids, 14 adults, food, lots o’ booze, and an all around great time had by all. These gals are 3 of my best college friends, a tried and true little foursome (plus one awesome little sister and a few parents). We have been together for the past 20 years and have gone through it all. Lots of good times, some not so good, but we’re still together and there is so much love between us. We laugh over things I’m not sure others would find as funny (I’m actually pretty sure they wouldn’t), we talk about everything. This is the kind of weekend that fills me up like nothing else.

Now we get to mix in all of our kids which just raises the awesome level significantly. They run around and play on the beach, happily occupied with each other. 2 of the gals also have 4 year old boys, Oliver had a blast with them. His favorite toy of the weekend was a weapon, made out of 2 sticks, taped together. Love it honey. No TV, just good, old fashioned, fun with nature.

It is such a luxury to get out of town for a holiday weekend, and when we’re there, we just hang. No one cares what they’re wearing, there’s really no agenda, other than the eating and drinking, pulling up crab pots, cooking, cleaning up, boating, tubing. Repeat. And we eat really, really well. The best ribs I’ve ever eaten one night and the next night was clams. Oh, those clams. I dream about them. Butter, garlic, shallots, white wine…mmm. I am allergic to crab and I don’t even care because of those clams and the delicious broth that I could dip an entire loaf of bread in and devour. We made s’mores on the beach and did our own fireworks show. I am pretty sure there is no better 4th of July to be had. Best time ever.

I feel so lucky to have these special ladies in my life and love that we are making this family trip a tradition. Love you Rob, Farrah, Pickle, Fizzy!






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