I Want To Tell You About This Little Boutique I Found…

It’s called the Gap. I know, you don’t shop at the Gap, except for your kids. But there is some great stuff to be found at even greater prices. If you ever shop there without a coupon, please, keep it to yourself, it’s just embarrassing. My preference is to shop online with a 40% off coupon, but I’ll settle for 25%. There is literally always a coupon on their site, today is 35%.

I have had my eye on a few pairs of their Thin Flip Flops ($24.95), which are a total knock off of TKEES. I love TKEES, but they are but are double the price. I decided that even $24.95 was too steep and being the patient coupon savvy shopper I am, I waited for my 40% coupon. The 40% off came a few times, but there were restrictions and I wasn’t able to use the discount on shoes. Some might give up, but I waited some more (like 2 days) and finally, it came. I got my flip flops for $14.97, bitches.

The price was so right, I just had to add a few more things to my basket. I found this cute eyelet top ($54.95/$32.97) and these espadrille wedges ($69.95/$41.97). If there’s one thing I don’t have enough of, it’s espadrille wedges.

Gap Eyelet Top Gap Espadrille Wedges

All of that for just $114. Love it. Now I get to look forward to my little present in the mail! If my new things don’t work out, I just take them back to the store. This is how online shopping with coupons is done. Aaaaaand scene.

Happy Friday!

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