Mascara Madness

If I was only allowed one cosmetic item, it would be mascara. If I have to leave the house and I’m only wearing mascara, I don’t feel terrible. Actually, I leave the house a few days a week without any makeup on at all, on days that I’m doing pilates and working from home. I kind of like that I still have the balls to do that, since I know it probably isn’t so pretty, but whatever. I digress. The topic at hand is mascara. I have tried many over the years. Like every gal out there, I am on the hunt to find the perfect product to make my lashes longer and more voluminous.

I was at Nordstrom yesterday in need of a new tube. I’ve been using Benefit’s ‘They’re Real‘ ($23) for the past year and love it, but I’m always up for trying something new. Back in the day, when I was working for Nordstrom and rocking my 33% discount, I got addicted to YSL’s ‘Faux Cils’ ($30). This mascara is amazing and was YSL’s #1 mascara until ‘Baby Doll’ ($30) came out. I had to give it a try.

This was when the salesperson alerted to a little event called Mascara Madness on May 24.

But any 2 mascaras, get the 3rd one free! Mix and match any brand Nordstrom carries!

I feel like you should buy me a present or at least give me one really nice compliment for telling you about this. Cosmetics never go on sale. Do the math. You are saving yourself 33%. Pretty sweet. You don’t even need to shop on the actual day, you can call and do it over the phone or go in at any time prior and they will ring it and ship it to you after the event. I love Nordstrom.

I ended up buying Baby Doll and used it today. (Sorry for the scary eye shots.I am wearing Baby Doll with no other eye makeup) I am really liking it. The brush is very easy to apply with, it goes on smoothly and I applied a few coats. Not sure if I like it as much as ‘They’re Real’ or even ‘Faux Cils’, but I will definitely be stocking up for Mascara Madness. Now I just need to decide which 3 to choose!

Baby Doll




One thought on “Mascara Madness

  1. hjanison

    Love it! I love this sale and try to take advantage every time. My cocktail is YSL faux cils, Clinique lash doubling (best I’ve ever found- but not alone), and Dior show 😉

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