Mother’s Day for 2

Mother’s Day is a little different when you are waking up with your 4 year old whom you have to keep reminding it’s Mother’s Day. When I was putting Oliver to bed on Saturday night, “Oliver, tomorrow is Mother’s Day, so when you come wake me up in the morning, say Happy Mother’s Day Mama!” And Oliver’s response “It is Mother’s Day too much.” Really honey? I’m pretty sure every day is Oliver day, but ok. I think he said that because when I dropped him off at school on Friday, his teacher had Oliver give me my MD present, which was like, the best thing ever.

Oliver's MD Note

On the actual morning, I ended up doing pretty well. Oliver slept in an hour. He let me choose which Transformers movie we watched. And he got in the stroller so we could take a walk around our beautiful neighborhood. He was awesome and we had the best day. We finished it off with dinner to celebrate the other main mom in our lives, Mum (my mom).

220 072

Mum and Oliver do so many projects together, she loves to play with him and read him stories. They garden together. They are such pals and I am so lucky to have a mom who genuinely relishes her grandson. As a mom, she is also pretty amazing. She gives me so much love and support. We laugh. We talk about (mostly) everything. I don’t know what I would do without her. She is so devoted to us and we love her more than anything!

I loved how happy and content I was spending the day just me and my most special guy. I know at one point, I felt sad about how Mother’s Day had changed for me, but now, my little family of just Oliver and I is just perfect.

Hope all of you had a lovely day celebrating and being celebrated!

Oh, PS, we made the Jaime Oliver Everyday Green Chopped Salad for dinner last night. My mom said it might be the best salad she’s ever eaten. I can’t help you if you don’t listen to me.



4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day for 2

  1. Brian Kremen


    What a terrific and loving post. I’m glad you so enjoyed your day.

    Your tribute to mom was outstanding and I know she was touched and thrilled to see it.

    You are doing a great job as a mother and a daughter.



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