Spring Coat Obsession

Vince Scuba Leather JacketI love coats. Whenever we approach a new season, I start obsessing about what kind of coat(s) I need. Seriously, I kind of get tunnel vision until I find what I’m looking for. Last fall, I couldn’t stop thinking about the Vince Scuba Leather Jacket in Charcoal. I mean, please, how gorgeous is this?! But at $995, it just wasn’t in the old budget. I ended up convincing myself that a leather jacket that expensive and lightweight just didn’t make sense for a Seattle fall/winter. Sigh.

Fast forward to now. Spring is here, we gained an hour of daylight, cherry blossoms are in bloom. Time for some new, spring outerwear. I have a khaki trench from Banana Republic that I love – kind of like this one, but khaki. I’ll be honest, I don’t really shop at BR, but my trench is perfect, and I’m sure I got it for 40% off, so that box is checked. I am left with a void, specifically a lightweight, black jacket. I started searching on my usual sites: ShopBop, Revolve, Nordstrom, Madewell, Jcrew and I found this little beauty – the Mackage Darby Neo Trench ($498) on Revolve. I love the hood. I love the leather detailing. Just. Plain. Love.

Mackage Darby Neo Trench1  Mackage Darby Neo Trench2  Mackage Darby Neo Trench3

Fear not, dear readers, you know I’m no dummy when it comes to paying full price. I found a Revolve coupon on Retail Me Not for 20% off when you download the iPhone app. I don’t even have an iPhone, suckers! Uh, maybe shouldn’t be bragging about this as it means I have a Windows Phone. Yep, I’m the one. But, I used my darling co-worker Chauncy’s iPhone and saved myself $100. Thanks lady!

Coat obsession has been quelled…until next season that is.


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