Out of the Closet

No, it’s not that kind of post. I’m as hetero as always! This post is literally about closets. I am a gal who has an appreciation for clothes and shoes. My new house has an enormous master closet. Yay! Getting this turned into something functional? Time to drop another $5k. Boo! Again, I know, rich people problems. But can you blame me for not wanting the wire closet that comes standard with the house?

I have been looking at several different options – the elfa system at The Container Store, Closets by Design, Tailored Living (I didn’t even bother to look at California Closets, way too expensive). The problem with elfa is you have to measure yourself and then figure it out in their store. No thanks. I got 2 bids, one from Closets by Design, and the winner was from Tailored Living, for Oliver’s closet and mine. No serious bells or whistles, it’s hanging, shelves and a few drawers. And I am choosing the (cheapest) white finish.  And it is still $5,000! It’s a good thing I’m rich. Update: I am not actually rich. Just want to make sure we’re clear on that. I am, however, rich on sarcasm.

Here are some pics of what my closet will look nothing like. #closetporn

Below are the renderings of our closets, simple and straightforward. Nothing fancy, but so exciting!!

Master Closet

Tailored Living Closet2  Tailored Living Closet

Oliver’s Closet

Oliver's Closet

Now I just can’t wait to get these guys filled up with our stuff! Only 6 more weeks.

One thought on “Out of the Closet

  1. Cheryl

    This is closet porn or closet envy… Not sure which. I would give anything to have a closet that didn’t have sloped ceilings. Those look great!

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