Toilets Are My Nemesis

Who knew that picking plumbing fixtures would be one of the most challenging pieces of my new house? I know, first-world problems. I am getting to build my dream house, I am very fortunate. But am I a total asshole if I complain a little? Because I’d really like to. About how stressful this process has been. And expensive! Much more expensive with all of the upgrades I am choosing, and it’s not like I’m talking about crystal chandeliers for every room. I would like a decent toilet/sink/tub/faucet that fits my style. Not the most expensive model, but not the cheapest either and the finishes that come standard in my new house are underwhelming. If I want to change them out from the standard (which I have in most cases), I have to choose Kohler products as that’s what the builder buys. Needless to say, I have spent way more time than I’d ever dreamed perusing Kohler’s website.

Here’s what I have learned about toilets: you want to buy a 2 piece, toilets don’t necessarily come with toilet seats, you can get a toilet for $100, but not one I want. You know what else I’ve learned? The more expensive something is directly corresponds to how much I like it. Awesome.

Toilets are not the fun part here, obv. What has been a little more fun is faucets, but holy shit they are expensive! I had no idea.  My big dilemma was polished chrome or brushed nickel, I love the look of polished chrome, but it shows fingerprints, toothpaste, whatever, whereas brushed nickel hides this a bit better (and is more expensive, of course). I wanted to be consistent throughout the house, so I decided to go with brushed nickel.  The Pinstripe style I liked and wanted to do throughout the house (master bath, guest/Oliver bath, powder) was pricey ($1135, eek), but I am obsessed with the clean lines. I couldn’t justify pimping out Oliver’s bathroom like that, sorry little dude, so I switched his to a different line, which was half as much and still really great looking. I kept the Pinstripe for the master and powder.

  Oliver's Bathroom - Bancroft Faucet Master - Pinstripe Shower/BathPowder - Pinstripe Lever Faucet Kohler Pinstripe faucet

If this is really uninteresting to you, so sorry. It’s just where I’m at right now. And if you must know, this is the toilet I landed on for all bathrooms ($464).


6 thoughts on “Toilets Are My Nemesis

  1. Christy Shulman

    First world? Yep. Asshole? No way. When we remodeled our Seattle house, the first thing I lost it over was the toilets. How does one choose toilets without guidance? If I had done it alone, we’d have fancy Japanese toilets with warm seats and personalized bidets, and no money for the rest of the house. Good luck!

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