Pink Pout

I am realizing that one of the reasons I have not been inspired to post as much is because I am on a shopping hiatus. For anything you would care about, that is. Unless you’d like to know what’s working for me in regards to toilets, knobs, flush mount ceiling lights, or grout. We could have a robust conversation about that shit.

I did come across something lately that I am in love with. YSL ‘Rouge Pur Couture – Vernis a Levres’ Glossy Stain ($34). I know I recently said I am over lip gloss, I lied. This is the creamiest, long wearing lip stain, it smells delish, feels great, not sticky at all. My friend Leslie gave me a sample of 3 colors and I had to buy one. I chose a bright, rosy-pink color and I am totally digging the change from the darker lipsticks I have been enjoying this winter, especially with spring right around the corner. I wore it on my birthday and it went perfectly with all of the black eyeliner I had going on.

A nice little pick me up that makes me feel pretty and only costs $34? Sold.

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