I Feel Pretty

stila kittenBenefit They're RealNot only has 2013 been a lipstick revival, it has been a year to reassess my entire makeup situation. For the longest time, I mean years, I have been wearing the same daily combo. Something like Stila Kitten eyeshadow and mascara – my current fave is Benefit They’re Real ($22). And that’s it. I definitely spruced it up for a night out, but that had been status quo for my everyday look. Pretty boring.

Being single has definitely provided motivation to kick up my appearance a few notches. I have invested in my wardrobe and felt it only natural to evolve my makeup as well. Enter Laura Mercier. I was going to a birthday party this past summer, had just gotten my haircut and had a fantastic blow out going on. What better way to round out the look than getting my makeup done! I stopped by Nordstrom and fortuitously ended up at the Laura Mercier counter. This was literally the best makeup job I have ever gotten. I felt so pretty, but not overdone, my skin looked great, I loved the way it wore over the course of the night. I ended up going back, a few times, and completely revamping my makeup routine, so now I have a bunch of looks for day or night. Love, love, love these products.

Face – Laura Mercier believes that every woman can achieve an even, smooth, natural complexion by following these 4 simple steps: Prime the Skin, Apply Foundation (or tinted moisturizer), Conceal, Set with Powder. I don’t do everything every day, but I do use the following 4 products together for special occasions and love the way my skin looks, and I promise, it’s not heavy or makeup-y. For everyday, I use the illuminator most frequently, sometimes starting with tinted moisturizer.

Eyes –

Lips –

Take a trip to Nordstrom and get your makeup done at Laura Mercier (look for Alicia in Bellevue or Downtown, she is the best). They do it for free, you will love the results, and maybe shake up your makeup routine too!

PS – I certainly still have other stuff in my arsenal, but today is about Laura.

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