Red Lipstick for Days

When it comes to my lips, 2013 has been the year of lipstick revival. I am so bored with lipgloss. These days my look doesn’t feel complete without lipstick. This was also my introductory year to the timeless trend of red lips. I don’t know what has taken me so long to get on board, because I love, love, love the look. It makes me feel sexy and chic, totally put together. You definitely need to try several shades to see what works best for your coloring, if you like matte or creamy or glossy. You also don’t need to pick just one! You can have daytime red, evening red, party red….the red possibilities are endless (ok, endless may be an overstatement, but certainly not limited to 1 or 2).

My foray into red lips began with a trip to Sephora last spring where I settled on a very deep red, Stila Color Balm Lipstick in Natasha ($22). A creamy lip color with the full pigment-load of a lipstick, the nourishing properties of a balm, and the shine of a gloss. I love this red and have not since found anything as deep. What I don’t love is the shape and I find it difficult to apply. It is imprecise and I noticed it got into the little cracks of skin above my lips, which makes me feel like an old lady. So as much as I dig the color, I think this one is getting benched.

I have since picked up two more reds. The first is Dior – Rouge Zinnia ($34), a luxurious, full-coverage lip color that I like for daytime and evening. Love it. Bright, but not too bright, wears really well, feels good.

I also splurged on Tom Ford Lip Color in Scarlet Rouge ($49 – yes, that is correct, I said $49 for one tube of lipstick). But with “Rare and exotic ingredients, including soja seed extract, Brazilian murumuru butter and chamomilla flower oil, create an ultra-creamy texture with an incredibly smooth application. Specially treated pigments are blended to deliver pure color with just the right balance of luminosity.” Mmm hmm, ok then, that’s how we arrive at $49. Got it. I have been hearing this stuff is the shit, so I decided to just go for it. Results after one day of wear – this might be my favorite red of the bunch.

Ladies – I think you should all get out there and rock a red lip this holiday season! Rawr!

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5 thoughts on “Red Lipstick for Days

  1. Tiff

    There is nothing worse than cheap lipstick in my opinion, I think it’s a necessity vs a splurge at most prices. Thanks for sharing.

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