Say Cheese!

Who has a big, bulky camera that doesn’t get used nearly enough because of its size? Yep, me too. When Oliver was born, we got a big SLR camera, I felt like we had to appropriately capture Oliver and my compact camera wasn’t going to do the trick. The new camera was great, I only used the automatic settings, so never really experienced the full effect of having all of the bells and whistles. The issue was I hated lugging it around on vacations or Halloween or the first day of school or whatever.

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Enter one of the best gadgets I’ve purchased this year, the Sony DSC-RX100 ($649), measuring in at a teensy 4 inches by 2 3/8 inches. I cannot say enough good things about this camera and everyone else seems to agree as the reviews are excellent. What prompted my purchase was our first trip to Disneyland in September. I wanted something I could throw in my purse and still take fantastic pictures/video, hence, not excited about taking my big camera. After some research and going into a few camera stores, I was convinced I needed to buy the Sony, and now I had a reason – Disneyland (as if that trip wasn’t ridiculously expensive already). This camera does it all. I love it. Again, there is much more you can do on this thing than I have the patience/care to learn, I keep it on the automatic setting and I’m good to go (although I did capture a pretty sweet panoramic shot of California Adventure). The 3x zoom is the only negative, you definitely can’t be super far away and get a good shot, but for most of my needs, it’s a winner.

Bonus for you, it’s on sale right now just about everywhere for $550 and you can upgrade to the version with Wi-Fi for an extra $100. If you’re looking for a big ticket item for Christmas and in the market for a camera, this would make a sweet gift.

I will be using this little bad boy to capture the Pi Phi Christmas party I am hosting tomorrow, so look for the post on Monday!

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