Cruisin for a Brewzzer

After my NYC trip, I realized I had a gap in my wardrobe to fill. I think I have about 5 pairs of boots I am rotating between right now, various colors/heel heights, some dressy, some are more casual, 4 of the 5 are ankle boots. I decided I needed a new pair of flat, black, casual boots that I can wear with skinnies as I’m not really liking last year’s black, flat, casual knee high boots. It also didn’t hurt that Clare had a cute pair on all weekend which were inspiring me.

Well, I found my perfect pair of boots yesterday at a lunchtime detour to Nordstrom with my friend Leslie (who subsequently bought them as well). Hello, Steve Madden ‘Brewzzer’ ($129)! So cute, 3 colors to choose from, look great with skinnies or leggings, super comfortable. I only wish I had purchased them before my trip to NYC. For that price, it’s not a huge investment, so if they only last me this year, that’s ok. Once again, Steve Madden makes a nice little knockoff of something more expensive, I’m sure, and I like it just fine.


Also, my dad used to say “crusin for a brusin” a lot when I was little, I couldn’t resist. People who know me well know I like me some puns.

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