My Love Story

Great structure, soft and supple, soooo good looking. In the spirit of Cyber Monday, I wanted to share my love story… with a Balenciaga bag and some serious savings to boot. This story is not for the faint of heart (translation – if you are not in favor of spending a large sum of money on a bag, please stop reading). A new bag purchase has been on my mind for months and I have been searching for the perfect fit. I wanted cross-body, but with the option of a shorter strap as well. I wanted a certain size. I even made a few purchases, but returned everything because they just weren’t quite right.

I started thinking about the Balenciaga Giant 12 Velo in Rose Gold (cough, cough, $1895). I. love. this. bag. I tried it on at Nordstrom and was seriously considering using my 10 point day to make it worth my while, but with tax, this beauty was going to set me back over $2000. That’s when fate stepped in. I was on Gilt the next day and found said bag for $1519! I couldn’t believe it. This was the exact same bag I had just tried on at Nordstrom the day before and is also at Neiman’s/Barneys for full price! I even called Gilt to make sure this wasn’t coming off the back of a truck and they assured me it was coming directly from Balenciaga. I had a $75 credit and a $50 coupon, plus Gilt doesn’t charge sales tax, so I ended up getting my beautiful bag for only $1402. That is about 30% less than I would have paid at Nordstrom. I realize this is a lot of money to spend on a bag and this is not something I do on a regular basis, but I did it. One of the benefits of working full time is treating myself once in awhile! There, justification over.

We are so happy together. This is a perfect fit for me! I am totally, 100%, in LOVE!

If you think I’m a total asshole with this post, that’s ok. My beautiful bag gives me the solace to handle your judgment.

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