Stick It To Me

Who has their holiday cards done already? I DO, I DO! Yep, it’s November 12th and I’m bragging, I have never gotten them done this early. They will go out promptly after Thanksgiving…yay me! I wanted to do something fun for my return addressing, since I obviously can’t be bothered to address 75 envelopes by hand. In the past, I’ve used one of those stampers that everyone seems to have now, but I’ve moved since then, so the address isn’t current. I thought it might be fun to do stickers as an inexpensive alternative, so I began my search and found the most adorable shop on Etsy, “IlovedielineStudio“. She has a ton of other stuff as well – gift tags, stationery, doilies, notepads and cards.

The price is $6 for 48 stickers, there are so many cute choices and you can customize the colors. I chose the chevron stickers in red. A low cost way to spruce up any card/invitation/note. Etsy rules. There is definitely a ton to sift through, but it’s worth it to find a little gem like these stickers!

For my holiday cards, I got them on Minted for the second year, I’m a total sucker for nice paper and ended up spending $120 for 75 cards (after a 20% off coupon). Since I’m Jewish and Oliver celebrates both Hanukkah with my family and Christmas with his dad’s family, I have adopted the “Happy Everything” card to cover all bases. Here is last year’s card from Minted, I loved them.

2012 holiday card
2012 Holiday Card – Merry, Bright & Sparkly design from Minted

I cannot believe we are already 2 weeks out from Thanksgiving. But since every commercial is already Christmas themed, ’tis the season. Well, this Jew is ready with her holiday agnostic cards! Happy Everything!

3 thoughts on “Stick It To Me

  1. KimArt

    Hi! This is totally awesome! I wish I had my cards done – I did buy some for customers to send out with orders but I haven’t gotten any for my family yet! Good for you!
    -KimArt on Etsy

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