LBWP (Little Black Workout Pant)

You know what isn’t a super practical item in my closet? A little black dress. I guess my cocktail party circuit is a bit sparse these days. What I do wear just about every day, however, are black workout pants. For the past two years, my workout regime has been exclusively Pilates and Barre and I go 4-5 days a week. After the approximate 500 sessions I’ve been to in those two years, I feel that I have become an expert on workout pants. I’ve tried many, but I always come back to my favorite pair, the Lululemon Wunder Under Crop ($72).

There has been a hot debate on Lululemon pants since they got recalled earlier this year for being see-through (seriously, Lululemon got sued). My latest pairs are the new batch and I will have you know I checked myself out, bending over, in the mirror and couldn’t see anything that shouldn’t be seen. I read the reviews, there are 1,537 on their site, and they are mixed. But I love ’em. I wear my normal size, they keep me snugged and hugged, they are flattering, minimize the old muffin top, I’m happy. And most importantly, they don’t make me have “crotch sag”.

If you aren’t familiar, “crotch sag” is an epidemic affecting millions of workout pants each year. You know that feeling where you keep having to hike your pants up during a workout, so they’re like up to your real waist? Yeah, that’s crotch sag. It sucks. I never have crotch sag with my Wunder Unders.

I prefer 5 pairs of pants in my rotation so I just have to wash one load a week (and obv line dry). Right now it’s two pairs of Wunder Unders, two pairs of Athleta’s and a pair of Zella’s.

Athleta – these are my runner-up faves. I have one pair of the Revelation Tights and one of the Revelation Capris, both $79. They are more expensive than the WU’s and they just don’t fit me quite as well. I had to return the capris and get them in a smaller size as they gapped out in the waist and had major crotch sag, but the smaller size is better and I’m happy. There are also a few colors/prints to choose from. One huge Athleta plus, their return policy rules. You can return any pant, at any time, for a refund or exchange. Sweet sauce. (I think Lululemon needs to seriously consider updating their very strict return policy, especially with the debacle they’ve had this year)

Zella – This is Nordstrom’s in-house label and they really have some great stuff, especially on the Anniversary sale when it is 33% off. I have the Live In Legging ($52) and the Live In Capri Legging ($44) – those are pretty great prices for a totally decent product. The Live In Legging I mostly use as a legging and love, and they are a backup if I’m out of my other workout pants. The Live In Capri isn’t they most flattering length on me, and they’ve stretched out a bit, but for the price, I’d get another pair for sure. They also come in fun colors/prints.

When you’re working your ass off, it’s awesome to find stuff that makes you look and feel good. And just say NO to crotch sag!

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