Ode to BP

Before the days of Forever 21 or H&M, there was BP (formerly known as Brass Plum. I still call it that, kind of like my dad still call’s Macy’s “The Bon Marche”).

This department is an underrated gem at Nordstrom for women in their 30’s and up, since it is technically the Juniors section, but it has always been a staple to pepper pieces of cheap chic into my wardrobe. I am not the trendiest, by any means, so I feel a little better when I’m not investing a ton of money in something that likely won’t last me more than a season. If you want to take a little risk, do it here! If you’ve gone through the joy of gaining and losing pregnancy weight, BP can also help with the “too fat for normal clothes, but not fat enough for maternity clothes” stage. You can get a few new pairs of jeans for under $50 and feel like a million bucks. The denim in this section, ranges from $44 – $64, bootcut, skinny, high waist, rinses galore. Or how about some $28 faux leather leggings??


You can also find steals on fashion jewelry, track pants, accessories and jackets. And BP shoes is just as good, I think I buy a pair of Steve Madden boots every year on the Anniversary that end up being my favorite. This year it was the ‘Naples’ Bootie. There is clearly a bunch of stuff I would (could) never pull off, but there is enough to keep me coming back, time and again. The next time you’re in Nordstrom perusing TBD, Savvy or Individualist, make the trip up to BP and see what gems you can find.

I was literally just there on my lunch break yesterday with my friend Leslie, who bought the Roll Tab Woven Top in a lovely green color (it’s a darn good Joie knockoff). As we were walking out she said “there is so much cute stuff up here, I always forget to come up!” Enough said, Leslie, this post’s for you!

Note to friends – please tell me when it’s time to hang it up and switch to Point of View and NYDJ.

One thought on “Ode to BP

  1. Jenny Shoaf

    Totally with you. I have a Brass Plum belt that’s probably 12 years old and I get asked about it by high end store owners “Is that vintage?” constantly. I think I paid 20 bucks for it!

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