Mix Tape Nostalgia – My Latest Road Trip Mix(es)

I have been making mixes for a long, long time. I made them all through middle school and high school. I meticulously recorded the songs I chose from cassette tapes, they might even have been tape singles, to another cassette tape – which seems just plain crazy now. The rewinding, the forwarding, to get it just right and make sure you didn’t catch the beginning or end of another song.  Other tape memories include:

Good times with this guy
Good times with this guy
  • the boom boxes had 2 tape players, for crazy people like me to make said mixes
  • when my Walkman got the auto-reverse function that flipped the tape over. Such an advancement (oh, I loved that big, yellow Sony Walkman)!
  • the stereo in my maroon, ’84 Volvo station wagon actually auto-stopped forwarding/rewinding the tape after each song break, really revolutionary stuff
  • I may have recorded a song or 2 from the radio – hey, that’s what you did when you didn’t have the tape!

In high school and college, things got easier with CD’s, this really opened things up for my mix tape making skills. There were several “Best Mix Ever”s, not to mention the famous “Europe Mix” which I made 3 copies for the 4 of us who traveled through Europe for a month post-college (you didn’t want to be the one who didn’t have a copy).

In my 20’s, I literally thought I had died and gone to heaven with the Napster/mp3 movement. I could have ANY SONG I WANTED WITHOUT HAVING TO BUY THE CD, JUST LIKE THAT!!! This was also around the same time pop music was making a huge resurgence, so I could get the singles I wanted with no investment in the entire album.

Now, here I am today, my music experience is in tip-top form, from the Bluetooth/phone experience in my car – Spotify or Xbox Music (yes, I am the one person who has a Windows Phone and uses Xbox Music), to the seamless way I can have the same experience on my laptop or TV.  The crazy thing is this is the only way Oliver has ever experienced music – on demand. If he wants to hear a song (or watch a TV show/movie) – BOOM, done. Kids these days….

Last weekend’s trip down to Portland required 2 mixes, Road Trip #1  – filled with upbeat, pop goodness that will pump you up and make you want to sing. Road Trip #2 – more mellow, still happy stuff, but won’t exacerbate fatigue or a hangover.

Now you get to enjoy my mixes (or I very much hope you do!) with just a click. How easy for you!

Road Trip Mix #1 – On the Way Down

Road Trip Mix #2 – On the Way Home

FYI – I get my music via subscription (Xbox Music & Spotify Premium) and pay a monthly to have access to all the music I want, wherever I want,  I just don’t own it, which is fine by me. And if I could get one gadget to enhance my experience right now, it would be one of these bad boys. Bring it from the kitchen to the bathroom when I’m getting ready, no plug in required!

Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker
Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker

2 thoughts on “Mix Tape Nostalgia – My Latest Road Trip Mix(es)

  1. SusanC

    Of COURSE these mixes include “Dancing On My Own” and “Roar”. It’s like I’m still sharing an office wall with you. 😉 Love love love them. Especially the George Michael song. It’s one of my all-time faves off of one of my all-time favorite albums. Here are two more of my old-school must-have-on-my-mixes…you may or may not like ’em… Mint Royale (featuring De la Soul) “Show Me” and Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth “They Reminisce Over You”. Both are hip-hoppy…but the first one is happy and the 2nd one is smooth, kind of like your two mixes. 🙂 Thank you for making awesome music for me to listen to at my mind-numbing job.

    1. lynneshutt

      So glad you love them Susan!!! I completely agree about Listen Without Prejudice. I will check out your suggestions! And you wish you could still be on the other side of the “dancing on my own/wide awake” loop.

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