Eating & Drinking in Ptown

I am lucky to have one of my best friends living in Portland for the past few years and I just love taking a little weekend trip down to visit her – I know it will be filled with gluttony (food & drink), laughs, and deep talks. Coming from Seattle, it is quick and easy getting there, about 2.5 hours (if you don’t get stuck in traffic like I did on Friday. Hey, navigation system, it is soooo helpful when you tell me that there is “slow moving traffic”. Thanks). Give me a good road trip mix where I can sing my ass off and I’m real happy.

I got into town on Friday at 6 and Jen was waiting with some chilled Rosé to help take the edge off of my 4 hour ride. She lives downtown, within walking distance to all the shopping and restaurants.

clyde common
Clean plate club at Clyde Common

FRIDAY DINNER – We walked to Jen’s fave restaurant, Clyde Common in the Ace Hotel. We shared tagliatelle with chanterelles, thyme, lemon; pork shank with spätzle, brussels sprouts, bacon, sage ( – the pork shank is fried and we literally picked every piece of meat off the bone); and braised kale. And we drank. Lots. They also have this truffle popcorn with grana that I’ve eaten late night on a previous visit. Amazing.

SATURDAY BREAKFAST – I get the fried egg sandwich with cheddar, bacon and avocado at Cheryl’s on 12th, right next to Jen’s apartment. I love me a breakfast sando and this one is right up there. Cheryl’s is an adorable little market and café – you can get wine, cheese, crackers or sit down and eat there. But the couch was calling, so I got it to go.

Donatella druggin it up

On that note, I need to take a quick detour from food to talk about one of the best (Lifetime) movies I’ve seen in a long time. House of Versace starring Gina Gershon. She was Donatella. Such trashy goodness. It is such a treat to just relax on the couch with a great friend, no plans all day. We may have also watched a few more Lifetime masterpieces – The Romeo Killer and the new show Witches of East End. So ridiculous and so happy!

Lardo - the sign there pretty much sums it up
Lardo – the sign there pretty much sums it up


SATURDAY LUNCH – Lardo. Yep, this sandwich shop is exactly what it sounds like. Jen had the Pork Meatball Banh Mi with pickled vegetables, sriracha mayo, cilantro and I had the Cold Fried Chicken with bacon, pickles, buttermilk ranch and pickle slaw. And we had the homemade chips. Mmmmm….

My lovely host and dinner date.
My lovely host and dinner date


SATURDAY DINNER – We hit The Nines hotel and Departure, which is very un-Portland, it seems much more LA. After all of the heavy food, we wanted to lighten up a little with our dinner. I’m not quite sure that happened, but it was delish. We shared the Big Eye Tuna Poke, Shu Mai pork dumplings, Ishiyaki stone-grilled Waygu steak, and garlic fried rice with a sunny-side up egg. Sparkling wine and cocktails to boot and then we met up with friends at Interurban, a hipster Portland bar.

SUNDAY BREAKFAST – another egg sandwich, of course! I walked to Kenny and Zuke’s (also in the Ace Hotel) and got a scrambled egg, cheddar and bacon on an everything bagel.

I then got my fat ass back in the car to rock out to round 2 of the road trip mix – the tunes on the way home are suited for a food coma and slight hangover (post to come on road trip mixes). After a weekend of indulgence, it feels good to get back to reality, Oliver, eating healthy and working out this week! But don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret one sip or bite. Until next time, Portland!

I just want to give a special shout out to Kris Hutchinson for prettying up the blog today!! Thank you so much and when Here’s What Works has made me rich and famous, I won’t forget you.

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