Fresh Faced…Or Trying To Be

grapefruitOne of my new favorite beauty secrets (not so new, just new to me) is using facial cleansing towelettes. Judging from the assortment at the drugstore, I am not the only one and there are tons of options to choose from. I keep them in my car and use them post-workout, when I can’t always wash my face straight away.  I’ve been loving the Yes to Grapefruit Brightening Facial Towlettes. They’re $5.99 for 25 wipes, a total steal, and they leave my face feeling clean and refreshed, but not dried out.

The story of my skin: I am 37 years old, still struggle with keeping my skin blemish free, have sun spots that didn’t use to be there, and now get to worry about the lines around my eyes and on my forehead. Acne AND wrinkles, fantastic! I thought I’d be done with one before facing the other.

That said, I like my facial products and some of them are splurges, but I’m not about to tell you what’s right for your skin. If you can find stuff you like at the drugstore, awesome, you just saved yourself a whole lotta cash. If not, a great way to approach this is to go to your dermatologist or a good aesthetician and see what they recommend for you, then get a bunch of samples and try them out to see what works best for your skin. Once you’ve figured out the right combo, then go purchase the full size stuff. It’s likely expensive and the list can get long – serums, toners, eye creams, daytime/nighttime moisturizers.  And that doesn’t include treatments like facials, peels or Botox (which I have been doing for about a year and love. Is it ok to admit that? Well, I just did. We’ll save that post for another day).

I shop for my skincare products the same way I do for my clothes/shoes. Online and with coupons!  One of my favorite sites is Skinthology. Check on Retail Me Not and there is pretty much always a coupon for at least 20% off (no shipping, no tax) and they carry most of the brands I like. Plus, I usually get some great samples with my purchase.


In case you’re wondering, my army of skincare includes (it’s a mix of drugstore brands and the fancy stuff):

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