20% off at Singer22 – just go shop there already!

A little shopping tale. Girl finds bag and boots at Joie store in San Francisco, but wants to see if she can find a coupon so she can feel not quite so guilty buying both.


Girl searches online for stores that sell the boots and bag. Girl discovers Singer22, which carries both items (plus so, so much tempting more), then searches for a coupon at Singer22 and finds a coupon at Retail Me Not (one of my fave coupon sites, before you buy anything online, go check there)! Girl is very, very happy, but can’t pull the trigger on both.

So, I bought the boots, not the bag, and I have been COVETING the bag ever since! Well, the good news is that Singer22 is having a sitewide 20% off sale this weekend! YAY! The bad news is the bag is no longer in stock. The tale didn’t end well for me, but go check out the sale and find something for yourself! – Joie, Vince, Haute Hippie, Iro, Parker, tons of great denim…with no shipping and no tax, this is more like 30% off. You’re welcome.


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