Eggs & Avocado Toast

I was in New York last year and had a version of mashed up avocado on toast at two different restaurants. So simple, so delicious, I was inspired. I decided to add 2 fried eggs and voilà, my new favorite breakfast – the yolk breaking into the avocado is just perfect. It is also super fast, like 5 minutes fast. If I time it right, I can make it for myself before I have to leave for work, so much better than the Creamy Peanut Butter thinkThin bars my friend and fitness instructor hates (but I love, so we’ll just keep it our secret).

Pretty straightforward, not much of a recipe required.


  • eggs (I like to use 2, but 1 is just fine)
  • butter
  • half an avocado
  • slice of bread (I am really into TJ’s sprouted whole wheat fiber bread)
  • salt & pepper


  1. Heat frying pan over medium high heat (I learned a little tip to heat for a minute or two before adding butter or oil)
  2. Toast bread in toaster
  3. Crack eggs into pan
  4. Halve avocado (store the unused half with the pit in an airtight container for tomorrow’s breakfast)
  5. Remove toast from toaster and scoop avocado half onto toast, mashing up with a fork and sprinkling with a little salt
  6. Flip eggs and fry until edges are crispy, but yolk is still runny
  7. Add salt & pepper to eggs and top your toast with them

Egg toast

I am definitely not a food photographer, so this picture cannot convey how delish it actually is!

6 thoughts on “Eggs & Avocado Toast

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  2. Cindy W.

    Did you get this idea from Joseph Leonard in the West Village?? Because I literally dream about the Avocado Toast at that place and haven’t missed a visit there in three years. 🙂

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