Wellie Weather

It seems that I am always unprepared for some sort of weather Seattle has to offer. Last year, SorrelI didn’t have any snow boots until I got these bad boys on Gilt.com for $99. Lucky day for you, they are on sale right now at Gilt!!

Lots of styles/colors to choose from at http://www.gilt.com/sale/women/sorel

This past Saturday, I was invited to the UW Husky football game, tailgate and all, with some of the worst rain we’ve had so far this year. Like, sideways rain that hits you hard in the face even if your seats are undercover. Delightful. As I was evaluating my outfit possibilities and leaning towards function, I realized a huge hole in my wardrobe – no rain boots. I mean, is that just ridiculous that I’ve lived in Seattle my entire life and don’t have a good pair of rain boots? I agree completely and it’s time to remedy the situation. For the record, I wore the Sorels and they kept my feet nice and dry, they were just really hot!

When you think ladies rain boots, you think Hunter (seriously, like half of the girls at the Husky game were wearing various versions). I just don’t think I want to drop $140 on a pair, although they do come in so many cute color combos  (http://shop.nordstrom.com/c/womens-hunter).

I found a few other pairs that look pretty good, like this pair of Sperry Top Siders at Nordstrom for only $79.95. Or these Kamik’s at Zappos for only $65 (and they come in lots of fun colors too! although I know I will end up with grey or black).  Part of your bonus when I do the research is that they are both highly reviewed (I won’t waste your time).


Now I just need to choose which pair I’m going to buy before another monsoon hits!

UPDATE – after I posted, my friend Ravit told me that she found the Kamiks on Amazon for $49! Pretty sweet, getting them in grey right this very moment. Thanks Ravit!!

20% off at Singer22 – just go shop there already!

A little shopping tale. Girl finds bag and boots at Joie store in San Francisco, but wants to see if she can find a coupon so she can feel not quite so guilty buying both.


Girl searches online for stores that sell the boots and bag. Girl discovers Singer22, which carries both items (plus so, so much tempting more), then searches for a coupon at Singer22 and finds a coupon at Retail Me Not (one of my fave coupon sites, before you buy anything online, go check there)! Girl is very, very happy, but can’t pull the trigger on both.

So, I bought the boots, not the bag, and I have been COVETING the bag ever since! Well, the good news is that Singer22 is having a sitewide 20% off sale this weekend! YAY! The bad news is the bag is no longer in stock. The tale didn’t end well for me, but go check out the sale and find something for yourself! – Joie, Vince, Haute Hippie, Iro, Parker, tons of great denim…with no shipping and no tax, this is more like 30% off. You’re welcome.


Pop it up! 5 Songs I’m Diggin’

Since my San Francisco days when I was the only 23 year old (and visionary, I might add) to have an ‘NSYNC poster up on her wall with a major crush on Justin Timberlake (see, there’s the visionary part), I have loved me some pop music. True story – I even worked backstage at an ‘NSYNC show and got to walk right by JT, he and Britney broke up shortly after. Coincidence or delusion?

I wonder at what age does liking pop become inappropriate? Well, I’m 37, I’m a mom, and it’s still going strong, so can one of my good friends PLEASE tell me when it’s time to hang it up? Thanks. I love Britney, I love One Direction, I love Miley (‘s music. Is that ok yet or do we all still need to be up in arms over the VMAs?).

5 songs

Here are 5 fun songs to add to your workout mix or just listen to really loud in your car.

  1. Wrecking Ball – Miley Cyrus (sorry, she makes darn good pop music)
  2. White Walls – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis/Hollis/Schoolboy Q
  3. Work Bitch – Britney Spears (love, love, love)
  4. Harlem – New Politics
  5. Best Song Ever – One Direction

Happy Friday!!

5 Good Reads

It may come as a huge surprise since I love me some TV, but I also love to read. When I’m on vacation, I don’t watch TV and usually cruise through about 3 books.  Sometimes this mania carries back over into my real life and I get into reading-before-bed mode.  Choosing which books to read is no small undertaking. There is nothing worse than a mediocre book and I’m not a quitter, so I always (skim) finish.

I have a Kindle Fire HD, which is awesome for reading (and watching movies), but not for browsing new books. Scrolling through pages and pages (without even being able to see the description) does not work for me. I like to go explore Amazon on my computer, where I can see recommendations based on the books I like, and more importantly, ratings and reviews. I try to stick to 4+ star books, because why waste my time?


  1. The Storyteller – Jodi Picoult  – this is not your typical Jodi Picoult, I haven’t read anything by her in a few years and this is a complete departure from her other books. The subject matter is not light, it the Holocaust and it is gritty, but a “well-researched and thought-provoking plot”.  The characters are well-written and the book weaves together three stories to make for a super satisfying read.
  2. Life After Life – Kate Atkinson – I read this right after “The Storyteller” and was already in the WWII mindset, so appreciated that this book took a different stab at this awful time, asking the question “What if you could live again and again, until you got it right?” I love Kate Atkinson and have been a fan of her other books, so when the description says “Darkly comic, startlingly poignant, and utterly original — this is Kate Atkinson at her absolute best.” I am SOLD.
  3. The Silent Wife – A.S.A Harrison –  You know the husband dies in the first few pages, you know the wife kills him, you are just dying to know how it all goes down.
  4. And the Mountains Echoed – Khaled Hosseini – “The Kite Runner” and “A Thousand Splendid Suns“, also by Hosseini, are two of the my favorite all time books. Poignant, I think I cried in both, original stories, incredible depth of characters. Now, he “has written a new novel about how we love, how we take care of one another, and how the choices we make resonate through generations.” This is my current read, I invested and loving it.
  5. East of Eden – John Steinbeck – I have to slip a classic in here. Considered “the masterpiece of Steinbeck’s later years”, this is a long one (to me, that’s a bonus, I hate when a good read ends!!), but such a wonderful work, and you’ll get some cred dropping this one at a dinner party and look real scholarly. Written in 1952, this story is about a dysfunctional family, really dysfunctional, but you’ll love it.